Countdown to the Battle of Ogdensburg 2010

On 22 February 1813 the British garrison of Prescott, Upper Canada launched a surprise assault across the frozen St. Lawrence River against the opposite American post at Ogdensburg, New York.  Catching the enemy unprepared by first pretending to drill upon the ice (a frequent practice in winter), the mixed force of British regulars and Canadian militia achieved a decisive victory, eliminating the American military presence in the town and the threat they posed to the British supply route along the St. Lawrence since the beginning of the War of 1812.

On 20 / 21 February 2010, wearing full winter gear and braving the bitter cold, the 7/60th will participate in the annual Battle of Ogdensburg reenactment event by fighting on the same ground contested two centuries ago.  For two nights the group will be quartered in the barracks at Fort Wellington National Historic Site in Prescott, Ontario, and will cross the St. Lawrence River (albeit by car and bridge) during the days to participate in the battles.

More to follow!

‘Celer et Audax’