Battle of Ogdensburg 2010

On the weekend of February 20/21, 2010 the 7/60th participated in the annual Battle of Ogdensburg reenactment event in upstate New York.  For two nights the group enjoyed the period comforts and atmosphere of sleeping in barracks at nearby Fort Wellington National Historic Site in Prescott, Ontario, while crossing the border each day to participate in the battles.

It was our particular pleasure to cooperate with the Glengarry Light Infantry (our other green colleagues) during the battle scenarios.  The number of questions we fielded concerning our history and uniforms was also noteworthy.  Clearly we’re beginning to make an impression within the 1812 hobby.

Thanks are due to the site staff of Fort Wellington NHS, both for allowing us to utilize their facilities, and for making our stay at the fort such a comfortable and welcoming experience.  The 60th will certainly return to the fort in future.

We also welcome our latest recruit, Jamie, our erstwhile combat photographer extraordinaire, who has decided to take the King’s shilling.  The fantastic photos he has taken of the weekend will be posted in our photo gallery shortly.  Well done Jamie!  Sieg oder Todt!

Once again, it was my pleasure and privilege to command – I eagerly look forward to our next venture into the field!

Gareth – NCO Commanding

‘Celer et Audax’