Research Pays Off!

The 2010 reenactment season will be highlighted by the 7/60th’s adoption of our summary ‘uniform standard’ for dress and equipment.  This initiative – the product of four years of intensive research and sourcing – will focus on several key elements.  Firstly. green trousers – correct for a late-1814 impression of green-clad battalions of the 60th Regiment – will be adopted.   Many members will also convert from the India Pattern muskets previously in use, to the proper New Land Light Infantry Pattern utilized by the historic 7/60th Regiment, which are now commercially available.  Field equipment, including newly-manufactured barrel canteens and greatcoat slings for our Light Marching Order portrayal will also be tested.  As always research and experimentation continues, but the result, it is hoped, will be the finest depiction of late-war British (German!) light infantrymen in the War of 1812 re-enactment hobby!  Here Schutze Wardle models the complete regimental uniform from head to toe, and to full effect.

‘Celer et Audax’