The Siege of Old Fort Erie 2010

The 7/60th Regiment celebrated the first anniversary of its fielding as an active re-enactment group by once again attending the annual Siege of Old Fort Erie weekend on 7/8 August 2010 in Fort Erie, ON.

The two day siege event involved skirmishes and mock-battles, as well as the recreation of the British forces’ bloody assault upon the fortifications during the Saturday evening battle.  In the latter engagement the 7/60th formed part of one of the assault columns, fulfilling the regimental motto of ‘Swift and Bold’ by deftly scaling the fort’s terreplein without the help of ladders.  Throughout the course of the weekend members of the 7/60th also participated in the fort’s fashion show and evening candlelight tour programs.

We were particularly pleased to welcome several new members who fielded for the first time, including soldiers Seth and Jamie (aka ‘die Zimmerman’), as well as Brenna, who joins our distaff section.  Congratulations all!

Pictures of the event will be available in our photo gallery shortly.

Gareth – NCO Commanding

‘Celer et Audax’