The 7/60th Presents to Parks Canada

Members of the 7/60th were recently invited to present a talk on historic material culture to the staff of Parks Canada’s Ontario Service Centre in Ottawa.  The presentation, entitled ‘Green Germans and Petticoats,’ was made by Brenna Cook and Gareth Newfield, who spoke on the history and recreation of early 19th Century women’s attire and the uniforms of the 7/60th respectively.  While the uniform segment enlightened a group familiar only with the  red-coated British soldier of the War of 1812 period, the highlight was the discussion of women’s clothing, particularly the examination of a series of garments that were reproduced entirely by hand.  The talk was concluded with a lively Q&A period, and by all accounts was well received by the appreciative staff.  Photos will be posted shortly!

‘Celer et Audax’