Captain Charles Barrington

Recently the group was contacted by Ms. Dawna Wintermeyer, a descendant of Captain Charles Barrington, officer commanding No. 6 Company, 7/60th Regiment during the War of 1812.  Ms. Wintermeyer was kind enough to provide a copy of a portrait of Captain Barrington from her collection.

Captain Barrington was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1770.  He entered the British Army in 1795, receiving an ensigncy in the 85th (Bucks Volunteers) Regiment.  After transferring to the 65th (2nd Yorkshire, North Riding) Regiment, he received his captaincy in the 7th Battalion, 60th Regiment on 14 August 1813, but did not join the battalion until after its arrival in Canada in 1814, thereafter taking command of No. 6 Company at various postings throughout Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.   Captain Barrington transferred to the 2/60th Regiment in 1817, and retired from the army on half pay in 1824, settling with his wife and large family on Cape Breton Island, where he died in 1848.

Further biographical information to follow!

‘Celer et Audax’

One thought on “Captain Charles Barrington

  1. My husband Edward Barrington is also a direct descendant of Capt. Charles through his son Capt. Edward Barrington who became a pioneering sea captain of the Pacific NW and a pioneer in Washington State’s Whidbey Island.

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