Seige of Old Fort Erie, 6/7 August 2011

On the weekend of 6/7 August 2011 the 7/60th was engaged in the unit’s third annual appearance at the Seige of Old Fort Erie weekend in Fort Erie, Ontario.  In addition to regular tactical demonstrations and spectacular night battle recreating the storming of the fort on 15 August 1814, members of the unit participated in fashion shows and the fort’s ever-popular evening candle-lit tours.  In the latter case, Schutze Wardle’s theatrical talents were once again eagerly sought after by site staff, while the rest of the men provided “atmosphere” for the tours by firing from the newly-built trenchworks outside the fortifications.  During the evening, the regiment was also treated to the surprise appearance of a mysterious German beer girl in authentic Bavarian costume!  Photos of the weekend are now available in our photo gallery.

‘Celer et Audax’

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