The 7/60th and 10th Royal Veteran Battalion

In recent months the 7/60th has come to work closely with the 10th Royal Veteran Battalion, a unit of ‘veteran’ re-enactors and former staff from Historic Fort York in Toronto, Ontario.  Research undertaken by Chris Laverton of the 10 RVB has now shown there is a historical basis to this connection!   No. 6 Coy, 7/60th Regt. relieved elements of the 1o RVB on Prince Edward Island in 1815, as shown by an extract from the following document:

Halifax, 20 June 1815


Since my letter of yesterday’s date, I have considered it advisable that it might be advisable to send a Company of the 10th Royal Veterans from Prince Edward Island also to Quebec, in addition to the two companies from hence:  I have therefore directed a company of the 7th Battn. 60th Regt. to proceed to Prince Edward Island, to relieve the Company of Royal Veterans, which will then embark with the two others for Quebec.

Source:  Sherbrooke to Drummond, Halifax, 20 June 1815, Library and Archives Canada, RG 8 I, Vol. 790, pp. 24-25.

‘Celer et Audax’

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