Siege of Old Fort Erie, 11 / 12 August 2012


On the weekend of 11 / 12 August 2012 the 7/60th made its fourth annual appearance at the Siege of Old Fort Erie.  Traditionally the largest War of 1812 event in Canada, this year proved no exception, with the largest attendance of re-enactors and visiting public in the 28 years it has taken place.  This year witnessed the return of our campfollower Brenna Cook from two years’ study abroad, as well as the first fielding of Private Alex Luyckx, one of the unit’s new recruits.  The 7/60th also had the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the newly reconstituted 8th (King’s) Regiment in camp over the course of the weekend.

Photos to be added to our photo gallery shortly!

‘Celer et Audax’

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