Streetsville 1812 Commemoration, 15/16 September 2012

Photo by Lucio Da Rocha

The 7/60th participated in a unique 1812 event in Streetsville, Ontario on 15/16 September 2012.  This event – although not re-creating an actual battle – is part of a number events taking place across the province, intended to raise awareness and commemorate the War of 1812 during the first Bicentennial year.  For the weekend the 7/60th formed with its brother unit, the 10th Royal Veteran Battalion, wearing civilian dress in order to portray Canadian soldiers of the 3rd York Militia during the early war period.  This event served as a practice for the Queenston Heights re-enactment in October 2012, at which the combined “3rd York Militia” will participate in what promises to be one of the largest 1812 Bicentennial events in Canada.

Photos will be added to our photo gallery shortly.

‘Celer et Audax’

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