Battle of Queenston Heights / General Brock’s Funeral, 13/14 October 2012

The combined 7/60th and 10th Royal Veterans – parading as the 3rd York Militia – participated in the Bicentennial reenactment of the Battle of Queenston Heights on the weekend of 13/14 October 2012.  This large scale event – the largest 1812 event held in Canada to date – commenced on the Saturday with an 12 kilometre march from Fort George to Queenston Heights by 500 re-enactors, recreating the advance of British reinforcements to Queenston on the morning of the battle.  After a brief rest, the unit participated in the re-enactment of the Battle of Queenston Heights, following immediately behind the actor portraying General Brock in the charge that lead to his untimely “death” at the hands of an American sharpshooter.  The following day, the 3rd York fulfilled several months of practice by marching in the recreated funeral procession of General Brock and his aide, Colonel Macdonnell.  This mournful parade included a march at the position of reversed arms through Niagara-on-the-Lake, minute guns fired from Fort George and also Fort Niagara on the American shore, and culminated in a burial service around the earthen bastion in Fort George where Brock and Macdonnell were first interred in 1812.

Photos to follow soon!

‘Celer et Audax’

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