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The 7/60th (Royal American) Regiment Reenactment Association is headquartered in Toronto and Ottawa, and accepts members from across Ontario.  We are always seeking motivated, energetic individuals to help recreate the lives of War of 1812 soldiers, and the unique story of our historical regiment.


  • Membership is presently composed of those aged 18-35.
  • Both men and women are permitted to portray soldiers, and dependents (both male and female) may also join as camp followers.
  • Families are welcome to join, although the group’s organization and logistics are presently oriented towards those without children.
  • There are no formal physical restrictions.  We are an active group, however, and expect members to be capable of performing the full range of military drill and wearing the uniform in the correct manner with minimal difficulty or constraint.

Uniforms & Equipment

  • All uniforms and equipment must be purchased from approved sources, or manufactured according to approved patterns and materials in order to maintain uniformity and authenticity.
  • A list of required clothing and equipment, sources and associated costs is available to prospective recruits.
  • New members are permitted to wear a simplified ‘barracks’ uniform for the period of one reenactment season to reduce initial costs.  After one season the full regimental uniform must be acquired.


  • As a new group, we are currently unable to offer payment plans or complete ‘loaned’ uniforms for extended periods.  However, new members are given every possible assistance while assembling and purchasing their kit.
  • Members must purchase insurance (required by most sites and events) on an individual basis.  Cost through the group’s insurance provider is approximately $30 per season.
  • Costs of black powder ammunition, communal meals and similar collective expenses are split between members on a per capita / per event basis.

For more information, and to join the 7/60th, please contact Gareth Newfield.

60th - Fort Erie 09 - training small

‘Celer et Audax’

Photos courtesy of Alex Luyckx.