Siege of Fort Meigs, 28 / 29 May 2011

Photo by Alex Luckyx

On the weekend of 28 / 29 May 2011 a small detachment of the 7/60th ventured to Perrysburg, Ohio to participate in the Siege of Fort Meigs.  Ironically the weather conditions and terrain were remarkably accurate to the actual siege in May 1813, including soggy ground, mud, and intermittent rainstorms – the same conditions two centuries ago frustrated efforts by the British forces to destroy the fortifications and defeat the American garrison.  Still, despite these adversities the 7/60th participated in battles throughout the weekend, including an interpretive program recreating the ambush of American working parties outside the fort.  In the latter case, proof of the tactical effectiveness of the unit’s green rifle uniforms came from the visiting public, who claimed to be unable to distinguish members of the 7/60th during the recreated skirmish in the surrounding woods.  After two days under challenging conditions the 7/60th returned home to Canada, muddied but satisfied with the weekend’s efforts.

Photos will follow soon!

‘Celer et Audax’

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